You’re crazy!

At the Val-d’Isère sesshin, I asked to speak during the first mondo. Sensei and I started yelling at each other. He said, “Go away!” I replied, “I’m not going away, I’ve paid!” Nevertheless, I continued to practice in Paris. Little by little, our relationship mellowed.

In reference to what happened this morning concerning the sick woman…
Master :
Yes, madame?
Madame (excitedly):
She was asking for help! She was asking for love! Yet she was quickly removed from the dojo. Does the Zen community here reject such people?
Master :
If one person disturbs two hundred others, necessary out. She must go to the hospital.
Madame :
I understand! It is the manner, I mean, the manner!
Master (taps his temple):
You are a bit like her, too.[…]
Madame :
You did nothing for her!
Master :
We consulted her father. We consulted her doctor. We consulted the hospital. I must deal first with my normal disciples. Not with mad people. A dojo is a holy place, not a hospital…. When Madame’s son (the master points to his disciple Stephan, then to the mother who has asked the question in the first place)-when Stephane first came to the Paris dojo, the mother would always come to shout at me and to criticize. But then she became impressed with her son and how he has changed, and now she has come here, too. Finally, even she was impressed; but not completely. When she saw the mad woman she became influenced by her, and now she too is a little mad.

Mondo – July, 27, 1978 – Cited by Philippe Coupey – Sit: Zen teachings of master Taisen Deshimaru